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Hi, my name is Nancy and I live in Florida. I am 56 years young and I have 3 beautiful children and 7 beautiful grandchildren. I came to Florida 15 years ago from Massachusetts to start a new life in the warm climate. I loved New England, unfortunately, the cold weather didn't like me.

Take a look at my beautiful daughter Shari and her family from Massachusetts. She has 2 sons, Shaun and Brennan and a daughter Cailon and Micheyla who was born on October 7th, 1999. I know that they keep her pretty busy. Unfortune for me, I don't get to see them very often. All I can ask is that she keeps sending me photos.

My hobbies are numerous: I read anything that holds my interest, doing crafts of all kinds. I love playing the organ, listening to music of all kinds, especially all the oldies. I love to do homepages, now that I know how, and to make my own background sets using PSP6 and all the plugins. I love to spend time at museums and historical placesread about the unknown and the uncanny. I love to follow articles about UFOs and stories about the unusual. I love to read about Greek Mythology, the occult and the supernatural. I'm fascinated with reincarnation and the spirit world and I love to chat on the computer, and making friends all over the world. My contact list is tonumerous to keep track of.

For those who wonder why I chose the name The Almighty Sorceress, well it was given to me by some friends from up North when the Citizen Band Radios was a big thing. Most people have a reason for the handles they choose or have had chosen for them. Let us just say, that it is another story, and too long to get into right now. You have to admit that it is a catchy handle. and it gets me a lot of new friends. Giggles!

I have gained many friends and have adopted several families from all over the world, since I became an Internet Junkie. For example: There is Mystery Lady, Judi, Karen, OzWizard, Melting Moment, Faust, L’il Sweetie, Janice, The Owl, DBird, CP, Sugar Daddy, Packrat/BlueEyes, Packerette, MagMeg95, Tomomi, Puffman, Shayla, Ilka, Deep Thought, Fantasy, Jewelart, Lady Carol, MistyIce, Seafarer and so many more, just for starters. Take a look at their photos.

I have adopted Lady Thumper, FireBird, from Florida, and YoYo from Taiwan, Katterina from Hong Kong, Mystery Lady, and Pegster as daughters along with their families. Then I adopted SueBee from Florida, Cookie from Germany, Zanyboo from Pa., Sapphire and Catspaws from California, as my sisters along with their families and many more. Come and visit my adopted families.

Most of these friends, I met over the “net”, and we have become the greatest of friends. I give “Certificates of Adoption” papers to each family I adopt and that I consider very special. Of course these are not “legal” adoption papers, just something I created to show how special they are to me. I’m proud to know that these friends think enough of me to wish that they were my daughters, sisters, brothers or sons. I make their wishes come true by giving them a copy of the certificate. We created a special bond between each other over the time we chatted together on the net. If anyone needs help, they each know that they can call on one another for assistance at any time, day or night. All they have to do is message one another. We share in each others happiness, sadness, blues, excitement and just about everything. We are only a keyboard away. You can’t expect any more closeness than that.

I'd like to say thanks to my daughter Shari and Katterina for all of the help they have given me in setting up this page. Without Shari's creativity with graphics and Kattarina's HTML experience , and Catspaws teaching me how to do my own pages, I couldn't have done it without them. I love them ALL very much! :-)))) I'd like to thank them again for all their help and I am so proud, for now I am able to do my own homepages.

I'd like to thank the Clipart Castle for the graphics used on this page. These graphics sure made the site!!

For Great Clipart Treasures From Clipart Castle, Go Here!!

IF YOU DARE.....Click on the Wizard and he'll take you to my page of great stories and links.


I am an Angel on your shoulder day in and day out to watch over you as you travel through and see the many wonders of the site before you.

The Almighty Female!

Heaven's Gateway

®The Almighty Sorceress, ©1998, 1999, 2000

If you find my page interesting, please E-Mail me at

The Almighty Sorceress
Thanks, and come again!

These are more of my sites. Please take the time to visit them, Thank You!

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